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Frequently Asked Questions about CareCells


What is a CareCell?
Carecells are small groups where we build relationships.
Every week, we gather in a relaxed environment to experience God through relationships with one another.

Who can attend?

Carecells are open to anyone that is interested to grow in knowing and loving God through participating in the cell life with fellow cell members.
It is not only for Christians but also non-Christians, both young and old.

How can I benefit from joining a CareCell?
Through relationships in the carecell:

  • You receive support and encouragement
  • You learn practical principles and truths to help us overcome challenges in life
  • You grow and discover God’s purpose for our lives

Join a cell this day and have your life transformed by God through the active sharing,
encouragement and empowerment that comes from God as His people gathers to seek His face!


Is there a CareCell near my home?

We have numerous carecells in the various regions of Singapore.
Most are English and Chinese speaking, however other ethnic language speaking cells are also available.

If you are keen to join a cell near your home, get in touch with us and we will help connect you to an appropriate carecell.


How do I sign up for a CareCell?

You can leave your name at the Church Information Counter, call us at 6468-4444 or email us at



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